CBD Body Lotion

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When it comes to self care, some things just make sense together. So with a habit like moisturizing, why not combine it with your CBD?

Sweet, sensual, and just a little bubbly, our CBD body lotion makes dry, cracked skin a thing of the past, while creating an aroma that’s romantic and bubbly. Why not take yourself on a mini-date?

This CBD body lotion also features hemp seed oil, which is one of the best plant-based oils for moisturizing skin. Hemp seed oil’s great for both dry and oily skin, because it’s known to help regulate oil production. No greasy residue!

And in our compact, easy-to-use pump, you can keep this CBD body lotion in your car, on your desk, or just outside your shower when you need some quenching for your skin.

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Aloe 16oz, Coconut 16oz, Lavender 16oz, Strawberry Champagne 16oz


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